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By Law .....

1. Name

1.1        The name of the organisation shall be All India State  Bank Officers’ Federation. For brevity, it shall be referred  to, as the ‘Federation’ in these bye-laws.

2. Office

2.1        The Registered Office of the Federation shall be at the State Bank Buildings, 22, Rajaji salai, chennai - 600 001.

 2.2        The Central Office of the Federation shall be at the place from where the General Secretary functions.

 2.3        The Federation shall establish an enabling office at Mumbai for the time being where the corporate centre of the Bank is situated.

 2.4        The Federation may establish Regional Office(s) at such place(s) as may be deemed necessary.

3. Jurisdiction

3.1        The Federation  shall have operational jurisdiction all over India, but shall be subjected to the jurisdiction of Courts only at Bangalore or the City where the Central Office of the Federation is situate the time being for purpose of the legal Proceedings.

4. Objects

4.1        The Objects of the Federation shall be:

(a)        To organise and unite all Officers of the State Bank Group viz. Associates,  Joint Ventures e.and to  develop camaraderie and espirit de-corps amongst them;

(b)        To affiliate or federate all the Associations of the Officers in the State Bank Group;

(c)        To affiliate or federate with other sister organisations having identity of objects and policies with the Federation;

(d)   (i)               To do all that is necessary and possible through legiti­mate means, for the raising of the standard of life, efficiency and knowledge of the members and to secure the all round welfare viz. health, well-being, education, career happiness, promote            and safeguard the inter­ests, rights and privileges of the Officers of the Bank.                       

(ii)             To assist literacy movement, set up and promote or to assist in setting up and  promotion of schools, colleges, and other educational institutions for the benefit of bank officers & oth­ers. 

(iii)              To inculcate amongst the Officers the spirit of social service and to sponsor and encourage activities aimed at promot­ing welfare of the weaker sections of the society.  

(iv)              To encourage and promote sports activities amongst the Officers of the Bank. 

(e)        To own, acquire, purchase or sell or lease property includ­ing immovable property for carrying on the activities of the Federation.  

(f)         To raise funds, borrow money from banks or others, secured by a mortgage on the property of  the Federation or otherwise or to raise clean loans or deposits unsecured; 

(g)        To provide legal assistance and render aid during any strike brought about by the sanction of the Federation or lock-out to affiliates and Officers of the Bank; 

(h)                 To edit and publish books, periodical(s), voicing amongst other matters        grievances of the Officers and containing matters of interest to them for circulation amongst all the Officers of the Bank and  other persons interested in the Banking Industry; 

(i)         To invest the money of the Federation not immediately re­quired in such investments as may from time to time be deter­mined; 

(j)         To draw, make, accept, endorse and negotiate cheques, pro­missory notes, bills of exchange, hundies and  other negotiable instruments in pursuance of the objects of the Federation; 

(k)        To encourage thrift and co-operation amongst       members and to that end  promote co-operative societies; 

(l)         To do all such other things as are necessary to further the objectives of the Federation and/or its affiliates or members.""

5.    Affiliates/Affiliation

5.1        Eligibility : Any organisation of officers of State Bank group shall be eligible for affiliation with the Federation. 

5.2        Admission : An organisation eligible and desiring to be admit­ted as an Affiliate shall submit an application on form-1 accom­panied by: 

            (a)        Certified and updated copy of its Bye-laws and Rules; 

(b)        Copy of latest return filed by it with the Registrar of Trade Unions in the case of Registered Unions;

            (c)        Copy of the latest balance sheet and income and expenditure account; 

            (d)        List of Office-bearers and members of the Executive Committee; 

(e)        Resolution of appropriate body seeking affiliation with the Federation and authorising the General  Secretary and/or any other Office-bearer to sign the application and comply with other requirements for admission; 

            (f)         Admission fee and 

(g)        Subscription pro-rata for the period from the date of the application to the end of the financial year of the Federation. 

(h)        A letter signed by the President and General Secretary along with the resolution of the Executive Committee newly constituted seeking affiliation pending  completion of formalities enumerated in clause 5.2 (a) to (f) 

5.3        Procedure for Affiliation : All applications for affiliation shall be placed before the Executive Committee, who shall have powers to accept or reject  any application without being required to assign reasons for its decision; 

5.4        Motions for affiliation shall be decided by the Executive Committee by simple majority.

5.5        Decisions of the Executive Committee in regard to acceptance or rejection of any application for affiliation shall be final; 

5.6        On grant of affiliation, Affiliation Certificates shall be issued to the organisations in Form II. 

5.7        Every Affiliate shall subscribe to the Code of Conduct  and Relationship between the Federation and Affiliates and to the Policy Declaration set out in the Annexure II  to the Bye-laws. 

5.8        The Executive Committee shall have power to waive or ralax requirements of clauses(a) to (d) of Article 5.2 if the applicant agrees to comply with these requirements within such time as may be stipulated by the Executive Committee;  

5.9        Once an organisation is affiliated, no other organisation operating partly or wholly within the jurisdiction of that affil­iate shall be admitted without the consent of the organisation already affiliated.

6.    Ordinary Members and Associate Members

6.1        Save as provided in clause 6.2, the Federation shall not admit as ordinary members any person who is eligible for member­ship of any of the affiliates.  

6.2        If over an area, none of the affiliates has jurisdiction and  Officers who but for this could have been members of an  affili­ate, may be admitted by the Federation as ordinary members, until such time an organisation with jurisdiction over the area is formed and is affiliated to the Federation  or any of the affili­ated organisations, with the approval of the Federation, extends its jurisdiction to cover the area. 

6.3        If special circumstances exist under which an organisation, otherwise eligible for affiliation in terms of Bye-law No.5, is not in a position to take up full fledged membership, the Federa­tion may admit such organisation as an Associate Member on such terms and conditions as may be determined from time to time. 

7.    Admission Fee

7.1        Every Affiliate/Associate Member shall be required to pay admission fee of Rs.500/-  

7.2        Every ordinary member shall be required to pay admission fee of Rs. 25/-.

8.    Subscription

8.1        Every affiliate/Associate Member shall pay to the Federation subscription as may be determined by the Executive Committee on the basis of the number of primary members on the roll of such Affiliate on the 31st day of December of the previous year. The rate of subscription shall be as decided by the Executive Commit­tee but shall not be less than Rs.50/- per year per primary member in the case of Affiliates and Rs.10/- per year per member in the case of Associate Members. 

8.2        Every ordinary member shall pay to the Federation, subscrip­tion at the rate of Rs.50/- per month.  

8.3        The subscription shall become due on 1st January every year and may either be paid in one lumpsum or by half yearly/quarter­ly/monthly installments. Affiliates/Associate Members who elect to pay the subscription in one lumpsum should do so before the end of March of the year to which the payment relates. Affili­ates/Associate Members who elect to pay by monthly/quarterly/half yearly installments shall pay the 1st installment before 31st January and subsequent installments before the end of the month/quarter/half year to which they relate. 

8.4               If an Affiliate/Associate member/ ordinary member commits default in payment of subscription for the preceding 12 months, the Executive Committee after due notice to the defaulting Af­filiate/Associate Member/ ordinary member may strike off its/his name from the Register of Members. 

8.5        The Executive Committee shall have powers to condone delay or default or to extend time for payment or to impose fines for default/delay in payment as the circumstances of the case may warrant.  

9.    Special Levies

9.1        The Executive Committee shall have power to require Affili­ates/Associate Members/Ordinary Members to pay special levies or contributions for any specific or general purpose. All Affiliates/Associate Members/Ordinary Members shall pay such special levies/contribu­tions within the period fixed by the Executive Committee.  

10.  Membership Register

10.1      The Federation shall maintain a Register showing therein, the names and addresses of all the affiliates, associate members and ordinary members. 

10.2      The Register shall be made available for inspection by any Affiliate/Associate member/Member/ordinary Member on requisition

 Registered Under the Trade Unions Act 1926, Registration No.727/MDS
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