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The All India State Bank Officers' Federation represents over 1,06,000 Officers of State Bank of India. Membership of the Federation extends to Officers belonging to Junior, Middle Management as also Senior Grades performing functions such as Assistant Managers, Deputy Managers, Managers, Chief Managers,Assistant General Managers and Deputy General Managers of over 27,000 Branches/Offices of the State Bank of India, throughout the Country.

The Federation was founded in the year 1965. It has 16 affiliates consisting of 16 Circle Associations. Its Central Office is presently located at Bangalore. It has unit office at Local Head Offices of SBI corporate office at Mumbai. The Federation is an apolitical and independent trade union. It is led by serving Bank Officers only. It is affiliated to All India Bank Officers' Confederation, which is also an apolitical & independent Trade Union.

The Federation is recognised by the SBI Management. The Federation is a partner in "Bipartite and Tripartite" forums established in the Bank for negotiations, consultations, customer service, community service banking, welfare schemes etc. It firmly believes in finding solutions to all problems through bilateral negotiations with the Management. Com. Soumya Datta is the President and Com. Ramkumar Sabapathy is the General Secretary of the Federation.

The Federation is committed to the objectives for which the banks were Nationalised. It actively participates in and supports all schemes and measures initiated by the Government for ameliorating the poorer sections of the society and priority sectors of the economy.

The All India State Bank Officers' Federation has an unique distinction of having gone on 17 days Indefinite Strike from 11th June, 1969 to 27th June 1969, first Managerial Cadre strike in the world. It was a path breaking strike which paved the way for improvement of Service Conditions of Officers and growth of the Officers' Trade Union Movement in India. For the second time, The All India State Bank Officers' Federation and the All India State Bank of India Staff Federation jointly went on a Historic Indefinite Strike from 3rd to 9th April 2006, demanding upgradation of pension scheme in State Bank of India. The Strike was total throughout the country. It created very strong pressure on the Government of India. Finally, they had to sit with both the Federations to sort out the issue to our satisfaction. The Indefinite Strike enthused millions of workers in organized and unorganized sectors. It proved once again that the united action of the Labour, will never fail.

The Federation has also brought out a documentary on Indefinite Strike titled "Union is Strength". The Central Office of the Federation is provided with all infrastructure which is necessary for maintaining efficient communication system between the Affiliates, Membership and the Management in a most systematic manner.

Apart from issuing circulars and other communications to grass-root level membership through Email -aisbofbangalore@gmail.com. and providing them with day to day information through Website: http://www.aisbof.org on the activities of the organisation, the Federation has been publishing a monthly magazine known as "Officers' Cause". The journal is being released on the 15th of every month regularly. The journal started its publication in the year 1981 and is a source of information to the grass-root level members throughout the country. Copies of the journal reach all the 27,000 and odd branches of SBI keeping the members informed of the activities of the Federation. Apart from "Officers' Cause", the Federation has also been instrumental in bringing out "Common Bond" another monthly journal, the ownership of which has since been transferred to AIBOC.
"Common Bond", was commenced during 1981.Thus both these journals have completed over 3 decades of service to the officers' fraternity.

In order to equip our Office-Bearers and activists with skills in defending their colleagues facing disciplinary proceedings, the Federation has launched a quarterly journal "Domestic Enquiry", during the year 1997. The publication has been well received. Likewise, during the year 2004, the Federation has commenced yet another publication titled `Labour Research'. This bi-monthly publication has become quite papular not only in the Financial Sector, but also among the entire Trade Union fraternity. With a view to provide further fillip to the movement, the Federation has set up an Academy in the name of 'National Academy of Trade Union Research and Education (N.A.T.U.R.E.). in the year 1991. Periodical Training Programmes are conducted by the Academy to groom activists of our affiliates as potential leaders. The faculty of NATURE also visits various parts of the country to impart training, wherever activists are not in a position to attend the programmes at Bangalore.

Trade Unions in the organized sector cannot ignore the teeming millions of people who are living below the poverty line, the unorganized labour force, the down-trodden, child labour, bonded labour and millions of illiterate agricultural and other workers. We have to respond to the society's problems. The organizations who are well off should spare a portion of their resources towards social service. The Federation has set up a "Social Welfare Fund" to take up several social projects and encourage affiliates to make use of the Fund for the purpose. The Federation brings out a quarterly magazine viz. "Social Concern" covering all the social activities undertaken by the Federation and its affiliates. The publication started in the year 2000.

The Federation has also taken up the task of several other publications. The important ones are "Hand book on Disciplinary & Vigilance Proceedings" for Officers in Public/Private/Rural and Co-operative Sector Banks "An Aide to Defence Representatives" and Comprehensive compendium on Superannuation Benefits in SBI, Medical Benefit Scheme to Retired Employees, Information Technology Act , a comprehensive compendium of current wage settlements in Banks/RBI, Insurance etc., etc. The magnum-opus was a "CD on Model Enquiry" brought out during the year, 2004, which has become quite popular.

The term 2012-2015 has been a very turbulent one. The Management issued charge-sheet to 27 Principle Office-bearers, Presidents and General Secretaries of our Circle Associations for holding Lunch time Demonstrations on 28th Aug.2012 opposing the intention of the management to introduce seven day's banking without consulting the federation. The Circle Associations moved respective High Courts. The verdicts of the High Courts were varying. However the Bench of Chennai High Court quashed the charge sheet which has been challenged by the bank through an SLP in Supreme Court of India. Several of our leaders were penalized by reduction by a scale, some were placed under 19(3) under SBIOSR at the time their retirements. Due to continuous efforts of the federation the matter has been sorted out in a mutually acceptable way. During this period there was an unsavory effort to withdraw check off facility also. Even that has been sorted out. Eternal vigilance is the cost that we have to pay to keep our freedom intact. The turbulence created by a few disgruntled elements has died down and the Federation has emerged much stronger than before.

The aim of the Federation is to achieve through constructive co-operation with the Management and the Government, maximum efficiency in banking operations, balanced spread of banking to different regions, high quality customer service, development of human resources, modernisation of systems and procedures, prevention of wasteful expenditure and frauds and to generate stable and harmonious industrial relations.


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